3 Ways to Improve Your Title Company’s Efficiency, Accuracy, and Scalability

For Title Agents, Quality and Turn-Time matter the most. But it seems to have many roadblocks to achieve that. We took a deep sigh and our Team at Pristine Titles intended to figure out these impediments. After thorough meetings and discussions with Title Professionals across several Title Events NS3, ALTA, and many more, we got a clear picture of what lies as an obstacle. 

Here we have the first-hand information:

1. Tight Margins: With volume fluctuations, higher capacity adds to the fixed costs and impacts profitability in lean periods. Sometimes difficult to match the prices which the competition is offering.

2. Not Enough Time to Focus on New Business – Badly engulfed in meeting production deadlines. Hardly get time to focus on bringing new business.

3. Managing quality, deadlines, and compliance is a big challenge

4. Dealing with multiple Vendors – Running back & forth for the deliverables.

Given the challenges faced by Title companies, we turned up with a well-crafted meaningful solution that has helped Title Agents Streamline OperationsLower Costs, and Improve Overall Productivity while ensuring all-time compliance.  

Today 7 out of 9 Title Companies trust us for their title production requirements.

We Deliver Best Turnaround Time in the Industry – Wondering How?

Our experienced and in-house experts work round the clock on different schedules – This unique differentiator gives us the edge in delivering search orders ahead of deadlines. The Title agents whom we support, we have been working round the clock and making overnight deliveries. We believe in strict adherence to Turn times (TAT). Thanks to our 24/7 work environment, very well appreciated among the Title Professionals Community

Flexible Engagement Model – Help Title Agents SAVE 44% in the Title Production Costs

What we say, we deliver. You can leverage our flexible capacity to process your orders. With a variable pricing model, you can be sure that your margins don’t get affected.

 Over 99.5% Accuracy Guaranteed 

We have stringent quality control and even a dedicated team of inspectors that make sure our work for you is accurate and complete. Third-party examiners have measured our error rate at less than 0.01%.

At Pristine Title, we offer comprehensive title & settlement support services to Title Agents including title search, covering single or multiple owner searches, tax research, municipal lien search, and other title production services like commitment keying, policy production, legal typing, etc.  

Our vast experience of working in the title and settlement services makes us an ideal partner to serve all your title & settlement needs and enable you to focus on customer satisfaction and business development aspects.

When you partner with us, you’re collaborating with a highly trained team of professionals with proven industry experience, and a shelf full of industry awards. 

Our mission is to help Title Agents build bettermore efficient, and cost-effective businesses through industry-leading title support services. 

You can reach out to us to learn more about how we can support you to make a difference in your title operations with our validated capabilities by clients. To connect further with Pristine Titles, you can get in touch at marketing@pristinetitles.com.

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