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One-stop shop for all your Title and Settlement Support Requirements 

For the last decade and more, Texas has seen a record number of property transactions. The year 2020 saw nearly 400,000 properties being sold in Texas with a growth rate of nearly 10%. The sheer volume of yearly transactions makes Texas one of the most important states for property dealings. Texas is also unique in a lot of ways due to its laws for property transactions. To execute property transactions, a Title Agent must have a physical presence in the form of an office in the respective Texas county and the transaction needs to be closed in Texas.

In Texas for Texas:

Pristine is a one-stop-shop for all your needs in TX. You can rely on us as your single source for Title and Settlement support services. We are not just another player in this space. We are present locally in League City, TX, understand TDI laws, and bring to the table a solution that is specifically developed for Texas.

While examination and production of title commitments are centralized through our League City office, our access to over 30 counties enables us to provide searches for most counties in Texas. In addition, we have well-established partnerships with over 200 partner companies right through Texas to ensure speedy responses. We offer you end-to-end support for all your Title and Settlement support needs in Texas.           

We work as partners with our clients to improve their overall efficiency, capacity, and customer satisfaction levels while optimizing their operational costs and cycle times. Through 2.9 million-plus flawlessly executed transactions annually, we deliver savings in excess of $2 million for our esteemed clients. For over a decade, we have built trust for our brand that sees us work with more than 500 network partners.     

We process 700+ titles each day and prepare commitments for Title Insurance companies. We pride ourselves on our accuracyspeed, and domain expertise. Our seasoned and certified Title Examiners work diligently with a great eye for detail and identify potential issues on Title. We help Title Agents with accurate and up-to-date title information so that they can insure a Title that’s clean. We are committed to ensuring compliance for our customers and have adopted a no-compromise approach when it comes to data privacy and confidentiality.

Partnering with Pristine has a number of Advantages

  • The specially developed solution for title support services in Texas
  • 20+ Years of Domain Expertise
  • Up to 40% reduction in TAT by leveraging innovative technologies
  • Up to 30% reduction in operational costs
  • High flexibility to scale capacity as needed
  • Highly customizable solutions as per client needs

Last But Not the Least

When Title Agents in Texas look for Title and Settlement support services, they are looking for a partner who has a deep understanding of relevant state-specific laws, has an office presence in TX, can deliver speedy results, can be relied on for accuracy, can assure privacy and confidentiality, and most importantly someone who can ensure compliance.

Pristine Services is the answer to all of the above. Please contact us at if you require assistance with your title production needs in Texas.

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