Are you Prepared to Handle the Refinance Boom?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were fully prepared to handle additional orders generated by a refinance boom fueled by low interest rates, without having to invest in additional processing capacity? It is possible; continue reading

Mortgage rates nose-dive toward all-time lows as a refinance fee is ended. Refinance applications jumped, as the 30-year fixed mortgage rate declined to its lowest level since February 2021,” says Joel Kan, the MBA’s forecaster. “With over 95% of refinance applications for fixed-rate mortgages, borrowers are looking to secure a lower rate for the life of their loan. Source: Yahoo Finance

Homeowners are stampeding toward mortgage rates that have been driven back toward all-time lows by worries about the Delta variant and by the elimination of a widely despised fee on refi loans.

Good news for Title Agents!

Yes, You heard it Right! It’s good news. Title Agents will see a big increase in volume as a result of the refinance boom. 

This should result in increased revenue and a higher profit margin. Competitors, on the other hand, are taking advantage of the current interest rate environment.  

The crucial question is whether you’re prepared to take on the increased volume from your lender clients and drive growth for your Firm?

Let’s be honest: if you aren’t, others may be eager to grab your additional business.

To help Title Agents take advantage of the increased volume, we’ve put up a fast 3-point checklist of “must haves”:

1. Capability of Delivering Reports much Faster than Competitors: The demand for faster delivery of property title searches is now greater than ever. The advancement of technology has resulted in a significant decrease in the average time to close a loan, and this trend is expected to continue. To thrive in this scenario, Title Agents must ensure that they are at the top of their game with every order they receive. This may appear difficult and costly if excess capacity is required (especially when the market is volatile). Working with the right third-party vendors can help Title Agents easily meet and exceed their turn time commitments to lenders.

We Deliver Best Turnaround Time in the Industry – Wondering How?

Our experienced and in-house experts work round the clock in different schedules – 

This unique differentiator gives us the edge in delivering search orders ahead of deadlines. The Title agencies who we support, we have been working round the clock and making overnight deliveries.

We believe in strict adherence to Turn times (TAT). Thanks to our 24/7 work environment, very well appreciated among the Title Professionals Community

2. Having a Nationwide Reach/Network is Advantageous: Lenders are expanding their footprint across the country all the time, and they expect their long-term vendor partners to be able to produce ownership search results in any state or county. One approach for title agents to meet this demand is to continually expand their labour force or network so that they can handle orders outside of their geographic areas. Given the volatile nature of the mortgage sector, this is neither straightforward nor advisable — and can quickly erode your profits. Partnering with companies like Pristine, which already has a solid online database and abstractor network in place, is a preferable option.

3. Flexible Engagement Model – Help Title Agents SAVE 30% in the Title Production Costs

What we say, we deliver. You can leverage our flexible capacity to process your orders. With a variable pricing model, you can be sure that your margins don’t get affected.

At Pristine Title, we offer comprehensive title & settlement support services to Title Agents including title search, covering single or multiple owner searches, tax research, municipal lien search, and other title production services like commitment keying, policy production, legal typing, etc.  

Our vast experience of working in the title and settlement services makes us an ideal partner to serve all your title & settlement needs and enable you to focus on customer satisfaction and business development aspects.

When you partner with us, you’re collaborating with a highly trained team of professionals with proven industry experience, and a shelf full of industry awards. 

Our mission is to help Title agencies build bettermore efficient, and cost-effective businesses through industry-leading title support services.

You can reach us to learn more about how we can support you to make a difference in your title operations. To connect further with Pristine Titles, you can get in touch at

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