Examining Titles? A Single Mistake can Lead to a Claim!

Defective Title Leads to Claim, Insure a Title that is Clean.

The Title Examination process is detailed, often tedious, and always exacting. It is the sole responsibility of the title insurance firm to inspect and check a property before insuring it and avoiding future claims.

Having accurate and error-free Title Examinations go a long way toward minimizing claims and protecting your lender clients from any loss.

We dig deep and identify defects in the title that are not recorded — or defects that the title company has no way to know even exist

With a great eye for detail, we help you identify potential issues on Title. Our qualified and experienced Title Examiners work diligently to uncover any title issues with a keen eye for detail. We help Title Agents with accurate and up-to-date title information so that they can insure a Title that’s clean.

At Pristine Title, we can examine a high volume of titles without sacrificing quality. 

✔️ Spot more issues upfront

✔️ Use creativity to resolve issues more cost-effectively than competitors

✔️ Experience working for most of the major title companies nationwide

✔️ Well versed staff, we resolve even the most complex issues encountered

We examine around 700+ Titles each day and prepare Commitments for Title Insurance companies.

When you Select Pristine, You are Partnering with Title Examination Experts!

It should go without saying that there is a lot riding on obtaining effective and trustworthy Title Examination services. Not only are your clients’ best interests at stake, but so is your reputation as a competent and efficient Title Agent

With our methodical Title Examinations to deliver accurate and error-free reports, you can rest assured that your clients’ title needs are in good hands. 

Talk to us in case you need help with examining titles. We can help you save time and money. You can reach us at marketing@pristinetitles.com

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