How to Select the Best Title Search Outsourcing Firm

Determining the legitimacy of a property is a tedious, complex, and time-consuming process. It involves checking the property records, establishing the legitimacy of the property owner, finding outstanding balance on the property by way of mortgage, tax dues, liens, judgment, and more.

Title Agents need to be thorough and extremely careful when conducting a title search. Therefore, it makes sense to find a reputed outsourcing title search service provider. It will ease away the burden of Title Agents, build trust and also grow their business. 

To ensure you outsource to the best title search service provider, look for the following:

The Brand Image of the Title Search Outsource Partner

Knowing the reputation of the title search outsource partner is vital. Ideally, your title search outsourcing partner should have extensive experience spanning over a wide range of search services required by Title Agents. Apart from that, your title search service provider should:

  • Be techno-savvy and have state of the art systems and software
  • Have a team of experienced professionals
  • Be transparent
  • Rigidly adhere to the data security protocols
  • Have a wide network across the nation, along with easy to access delivery centers
  • Serve deliverables quickly with 100% accuracy

Once you have shortlisted a few eligible title search service partners, check the following:

Versatile, Customized, and Scalable Services

It is best to outsource title search services to a provider who offers a vast gamut of services and can scale their searches on demand. The provider should customize the services as per your requirements. Typically, your title search outsourcing partner should offer: 

  • Current owner and two owner searches
  • Ownership title details ranging from the current owner to the owners in the past 20, 40, and 60 years, as per your requirements.
  • Full ownership search history of a property
  • Find out about different liens on the property such as:
  1. Judgment liens 
  2. Environment liens to discover toxic or other hazards 
  3. Municipal Lien to discover if any liens placed by the municipal body and its current status
  4. Outstanding property tax dues
  5. Dues outstanding on account of utilities including water, power, fire, sewerage, and more. 
  •  Update search and date down searches
  • Foreclosure Search

In addition, reputed companies also offer services such as indexing and data extraction, typing of various documents, and more.

Nationwide Network

As you expand your area of operation to new states and territories, you will need a title search provider to serve you in the new geography. Also, some states necessitate closure by an attorney, ground abstractor, and more. In such cases, it makes sense to have a title search provider with a nationwide presence. 

Data Privacy Protocols 

Your title search provider will have access to the personal information of your clients such as their financial status, personal and marital status, and more. Therefore, you need to find a dignified partner who assures stringent data privacy protocols. Ideally, they should have the latest software and security systems such as ISO 27001 and SOC II Type 2.

Techno Savvy and Experienced Professionals

Your title search service partner can offer quick and accurate deliverables only with the help of the latest technology. Also, experienced professionals can quickly identify flaws, if any in various title searches. 

A reputed title search partner can ensure you have a seamless experience serving your clients. So, use the above factors to find the best outsourcing title search service provider!

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